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    1. I am looking for apps for my particular audience or age group or educational level. I am in the second semester “ENG Lit & Comp” class in a college level english course. Obviously I am not looking for an App developed for a grade school or high school level english class. I am looking for one steered in the direction of something more at my level, and my professors expectations. I am not saying that if this app is for grade school students that it is not both useful and thoroughly created. It is just that if that was the case, I would need to decline for the obvious reasons that college professors are looking for more than what high school teachers are involved in teaching to their students, with different expectations. If someone from your PR department would answer this simple question for me, it would immediately guide me in my purchasing decision and help me to enjoy the utmost respect in your company’s competence and concern for the well-being of their consumers.
      Thank you much,

      • Chris,

        Lists for Writers is perfect for your age and experience. It is one of the very best apps around for brainstorming ideas for characters, plot, and setting. I hope you will give it a try! As far as our other apps go, Story Spark is good one for flash fiction writing prompts. Story Dice, Name Dice, and Spooky Story Dice are all great at finding randomized names, plot twists, and generating ideas to incorporate in your story. Best of luck with your writing!

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