Privacy Policy – Spy Tools for Kids

Spy Tools for Kids does not directly collect any personal information at all.

The Identification Kit feature of the app does allow users to input names, dates of birth, addresses, and other potential personally identifiable information to create pretend false identities. Those are not intended to be the users’ actual personal information and are populated with stock default values. This data is only used to create the identification images and is not collected in any way. However, entering private personal information and then sharing those images online would result in exposure of that information.

Using the option feature to share photos to Facebook from the app does provide anonymized demographic information such as age and gender to Thinkamingo through Facebook Insights.

The app contains links to the Thinkamingo website – particularly on the “About Thinkamingo” page. As usual, visiting the Thinkamingo website will result in the typical anonymized Google Analytics data (approximate location, IP address, computer/device type, browser, version, screen size, etc.) being collected.

The app contains links to the Thinkamingo Facebook page and Twitter feed. As usual, liking Thinkamingo or any of the Thinkamingo app pages on Facebook will provide your Facebook account name to Thinkamingo as well as anonymized demographic information (age, gender, city, etc.) Following Thinkamingo on Twitter will provide your Twitter handle to Thinkamingo.


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