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We strive to expand the creativity of our customers, not simply entertain or occupy. Scores of other apps provide fact drilling and testing. Many others simply exist to keep children entertained/quiet/occupied to give the parents a break. Some provide exploratory activities, Montessori-style. We create tools that engage the creative core.

Lists for Writers cures writer’s block. Don’t believe me? Check it out. This will get you unstuck and back to writing. This app has been featured in many articles related to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) as a top tool for aspiring novelists!

Lists for Writers Featured by Apple in Kickstart Your School Year and Apps for Writers and in Scholastic’s Parent & Child magazine

Story Dice provides the perfect example of engaging the creative core, particularly with other people.  Roll the dice and create a story together using the images as plot-guiding idea sparks. We also have Spooky Story Dice which is scaled down a bit with a spooky theme.

Story Dice Featured on BoingBoing.net and NPR’s Morning Edition!

Spy Tools for Kids helps users explore the world of a spy on their terms. Use the tools to disguise your own image, create fake passports and other identification, use the fingerprint scanner on your younger sibling or parent, record a secret message on the voice changer, and watch your mom make dinner through the night vision goggles! Some users have made passports for their American Girl Dolls and spy agency identifications for birthday party guests!

Name Dice has nearly a million names inside and it’s free! We originally made this for writers, but have since discovered it is so much fun to roll a name, create a character, and become that character with a group of friends! Crazy, creative fun!

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