Ann Adair Goes to Washington

74442_10150299799605627_837850626_15631123_4474671_nThis Sunday, I’m traveling to Washington, D.C. to meet and educate elected officials and regulators on the booming tech industry.

As part of ACT | The App Association’s annual fly-in, I’m joining more than 50 small tech companies from across the country to advocate for an environment that encourages innovation and inspires growth.

Our message is simple. Small companies like Thinkamingo Inc are creating solutions that are improving lives, creating jobs, and invigorating our economy.

But, policymakers in Washington must understand issues threatening small tech companies to ensure growth continues. The concerns we will raise next week include data privacy and security, internet governance, intellectual property and patent reform, and regulatory obstacles to growth. These are important issues for which the federal government is considering taking action.

I look forward to meeting with my elected officials and others in Washington to educate them about the tech industry so they can make the right decisions about our future. Hopefully, an informed Congress will help entrepreneurs like me continue to flourish.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with nearly all of the Federal Trade Commissioners, including Chairwoman Ramirez, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Senators, and Representatives from Florida. I look forward to having many fruitful conversations about children’s privacy and other technology topics.

Ann Adair is the President and Co-founder of Thinkamingo Inc.




Naming a Company

We struggled quite a bit to come up with a name for our company. We didn’t want to be just another something-alicious or a disemvoweled name. We played for a while with Markov chain word generators but never could find a name that we really liked. We then turned to mind-mapping words and trying different combinations. Adding silly endings, including -alicious, finally resulted in a couple of candidates. We ultimately selected Thinkamingo. We quickly registered the domain and created matching user ids at most of the online services we were interested in.